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SwingBy helps you to find the best fitting appointment and book it right away!

All your local services

No more waiting!
Add all your favorite service providers and book your next appointments directly at your own convenience.
From your smartphone or tablet. When and wherever. You can book any appointment any time with SwingBy

  • Other benefits include:
  • Faster, more precise and flexible appointment booking
  • At your convenience
  • Easy import to your agenda

How the App works

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    Easy set-up. Easy improvement.

    Your Own Page

    It has never been as easy to set up your own page. SwingBy enables you to easily showcase your business in an elegant way.

    Always open, never closed

    Now customers are always able to book your services via the SwingBy app, even if your shop is closed, customers can book appointments.

    New customers

    With the broad reach of having your business on SwingBy more people are able to access your business. Those are the people that could become your new customers. What are you waiting for?

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